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What do these things mean?

-Highlight Film: 4-6 minute recap of your day set to music with our editing style.


-Short Film: 12-15 minute recap of your day, edited in the same style as a Highlight Film, only longer.


-Full Feature Film: 18-22 minute recap of your day, Our longest Cinematic Edit.

-Ceremony Edit: Your Full Ceremony from beginning to the end, with audio from our Microphones added. (Raw Footage Format)


-Toasts Edit: All of your Reception Speeches from you and your loved ones, with audio from our Microphones added. (Raw Footage Format)


-Ceremony & Toasts Edit: Full Ceremony and Full Reception speeches in one video.

-Archive Edit: This is the full day of footage edited together in a Raw Footage Format, Everything from hair and makeup, to the full ceremony, to all the dances and the end of the night. 

-Raw Footage: When the day is over and you receive your wedding film but you want some of the other footage but you don't quite want another edit. This option allows for us to take a hard drive and offload all the footage from our cameras and mail it to you. NOTE: With this option this is true raw footage, no editing has been done, outtakes and multiple shots of the same thing will be included.

-Highlight Teaser: This is a one minute Highlight film that can be added to any package selected as a nice thing to share with family and friends across social media!

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