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Owner / Production Manager

Ray is our production manager, he oversees everything that happens here at Milestone Cinematography.  Ray has hand selected and trained  all of our members to uphold our standard of excellence. 

"Just a bit about me. I founded Milestone after my contract with the Military. I served in the Marine Corps for 5 years and I loved it! (Well most of it!) It came to a point to where I asked myself, do I want to continue down this path or do I want to chase the dream I've had since I was 12 of making movies? I'm sure you can imagine which path I took. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and cannot get enough of it. Our team is here to provide you with an amazing heirloom that you can keep for years and watch with family and friends to relive your wedding day. Not only that, but we want to make sure you're enjoying yourself while we make the magic happen. No one wants to feel like they're on a movie set during their own wedding."                                                                               





Zach is one of our talented cinematographers. His creative eye is a crucial part of the way we operate.  

"Like Raymond I also served a time in the military; I served in the Army for three years. When it was my time to get out I decided to go back to school to pursue my dream career of being a veterinarian. I have known Raymond since junior high and so when he called me asking if I wanted to help him start a wedding film business I was happy to join him. I have been interested in photography for a long time and enjoy movies; so why not have fun at work? I get to go to work and see a bunch of happy people all the time while going to school, I'd say that's a pretty good deal to me. Let us put our skills to work and show the world your story."    




Alex is a cinematographer, a photographer and just an all around creative rockstar. Alex shoots video for us and he's also a graphic designer. Those nice "eye candy" shots that you see in our films a lot of the time come through the Alex's lens.

"Being a recent graduate from CSU Stanislaus, I have always wanted to get my creative background to use and what better way than for a local business growing everyday. Being a part of this team with Milestone has helped show my creative background and grow my skill sets for myself that will at the end help out the team. Having a happy client is always what we all aim for and helps us as a team keep doing what we love. Always Shooting, Always Capturing, Always Achieving." 

                                    -Alex Hernandez

About Us

Milestone Cinematography is a Destination Wedding Videography Service with a storytelling/cinematic style. We're Based in a small town in the California Central Valley called Modesto. We love to travel and have no boundaries to where a story may take us! Check out our work and contact us for any further information.

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